1. Publisher of the site

The Publisher of the “logic-immo.ch” site is the Concept Multimedia company:

Concept Multimedia, S.A. with capital of 1,074,000 Euros and headquarters located at ZI des Milles, Europarc de Pichaury - Bâtiment D5, 1330, avenue Guillibert de la Lauzière, 13592 Aix-en-Provence Cedex 3, listed in the Commercial Register of Aix-en-Provence under number 399 146 356.

The Director of Publication of the “logic-immo.ch” site is Mr. Jean-Christophe SERFATI.

The “logic-immo.ch” site is hosted by 9Telecom, 32 avenue Iéna, 75116 Paris.

2. Access to “LI Pro” via the “logic-immo.ch” site

2.1. Access

The professional space of the “logic-immo.ch” site is reserved for advertiser clients of “logic-immo.ch.” The client must enter his/her user name and password in the spaces provided for them in order to access the “logic-immo.ch” site services under the terms described in article 2.2 below.

It is the personal responsibility of those using the professional space to take care to maintain the confidential nature of their user name and password. They are liable for any access, consultation or use of their user name and password and for any consequences which may result for themselves or third parties.

2.2. Services available

The professional space allows the “logic-immo.ch” advertiser clients:

* to access the statistics on visitors consulting their postings on “logic-immo.ch,”
* to take personal charge of posting their own listings and updates directly, on their own exclusive initiative, once they have subscribed to the “Presto” or “Viseo” Web Pack.

To receive full information on further offers and services, clients may submit their contact information on the form provided in the tab "request for sales information.” They may also contact one of the local agencies whose contact information is available on the tab "contact us.”

3. Intellectual property

3.1. Rights of authorship and related rights 

All constituent elements of the “logic-immo.ch” site (text, graphics, software, photographs, images, sounds, diagrams, names, logos, brands, creations and various protectable works, databases, etc...) as well as the site itself, are covered by French and international legislation on the rights of authorship and rights related to rights of authorship.

These elements are the exclusive property of Concept Multimedia, with the exception of elements produced by contributors from outside of “logic-immo.ch” who have not transferred their rights of authorship or their related rights.

These elements are the exclusive property of Concept Multimedia, with the exception of elements produced by contributors from outside of “logic-immo.ch” who have not transferred their rights of authorship or their related rights.

Article L 122-4. of the Intellectual Property Code:

Any representation or reproduction, in whole or in part, made without the permission of the author or his/her successors or assigns is illicit. The same is true for the translation, adaptation or transformation, arrangement or reproduction by any art or process whatsoever.

Article L122-5. of the Intellectual Property Code:

Once the work has been released, the author cannot prohibit:

1. Private and free representations made exclusively in a family circle;
2. Copies or reproductions strictly intended for the private use of the copier and not meant for a collective use, with the exception of copies of works of art intended to be used for purposes identical to those for which the original work was created and copies of a software program other than the backup copy made under the terms provided for in II of article L. 122-6-1 as well as copies or reproductions of an electronic database;
3. On condition that the author name and source are clearly indicated:
a) Analyses and short quotations justified by the critical, polemical, pedagogical, scientific or informational nature of the work in which they are incorporated;
b) Press reviews;
c) The dissemination, even in toto, through printed or televised media, as news and information, of public speeches given before political, administrative, judicial or academic groups, as well as in public political meetings and official ceremonies;
d) Reproductions, in whole or in part, of works in the graphic or plastic arts intended to be shown in the catalogue of a court-ordered sale in France for the copies distributed to the public before the sale with the sole purpose of describing the works of art up for sale.
A decree by the Council of State describes the nature of the documents and the terms of their distribution.
4. Parody, pastiche and caricature, within the bounds of the rules of their genre.
5. The documents necessary for access to the contents of an electronic database as needed for and within the limits of the usage provided for by contract. 
Consequently, the “logic-immo.ch” user specifically promises to refrain from:

* using or logging in to “logic-immo.ch” on behalf of another party,
* reproducing multiple copies, whether for commercial purposes or not, of the creations, information, advertisements or photographs shown on “logic-immo.ch,”
* incorporating all or any part of the contents of “logic-immo.ch” into a third-party site, whether for commercial purposes or not,
* copying information on media of any kind making it possible to reproduce all or any part of the original files.

Any unauthorized use, reproduction, representation or adaptation of a page or original part of the “logic-immo.ch” site constitutes an infringement making its perpetrator liable to civil or criminal prosecution. It may also cause a violation of image rights and peoples rights, or other rights and regulations in force.

Concept Multimedia reserves the option to pursue all legal recourses against parties having failed to honour the restrictions contained in this article.

3.2. Rights of the database producer

Concept Multimedia is the producer of the database constituted by the site “logic-immo.ch,” as understood in article L 341-1 and the ones following the Intellectual Property Code. Any removal or use of the contents of the database not expressly authorized may incur the civil and/or criminal liability of its author. Concept Multimedia reserves the option to pursue all legal recourse against parties who have failed to honour this restriction.

3.3. Trademark rights

The “logic-immo” name and logotype are trademarks and the property of Concept Multimedia. Any use not expressly authorized may incur the civil and/or criminal liability of its author. Concept Multimedia reserves the option to pursue all legal recourse against any party having infringed on its rights.

4. Protection of personal data

In accordance with law no. 78-17 of January 6, 1978, entitled the “Information and Freedom” law “logic-immo.ch” has been declared at the C.N.I.L Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés (National Commission on Information Technology and Civil Liberties)  under number: 1019047.

In accordance with article 27 of law no. 78-17 of January 6, 1978, you have the right to consult and correct the data concerning you at any time. This right may be exercised by postal or electronic mail to Concept Multimedia:

* Address: Concept Multimedia – BP 30460 – 13592 Aix-en-Provence cedex 3 France
Email contact

5. Liability

Concept Multimedia will not be liable:

* for any interruption in “logic-immo.ch” services for technical maintenance operations or updates of the published information,
* for the momentary lack of access to “logic-immo.ch” (and/or linked sites) by reason of technical problems whatever their origin and cause,
* for any damages, direct or indirect, incurred by the user, of whatever nature, arising from the contents of, access to, or use of “logic-immo.ch” (and/or linked sites),
* for any improper or illegal use of “logic-immo.ch.” In such cases the “logic-immo.ch” user is alone liable for any damage caused to third parties and the consequences of any claims or legal actions which may ensue. The user also agrees to not bring action against Concept Multimedia in the event of suits brought against him or her by a third party as a result of the illegal use of the site,
* for any loss by a “logic-immo.ch” member of his/her user name and/or password or for theft of his/her identity.

6. Hypertext links

6.1. Links from the “logic-immo.ch” site

The “logic-immo.ch” site may contain hypertext links to sites operated by third parties. These links are purely provided for informational purposes. Concept Multimedia has no control over these sites and takes no responsibility for access, contents or usage of these sites, nor for damages which may result from consultation of information given on these sites. The decision to activate these links is entirely the responsibility of the internet user.

7. Modifications of the General Terms of Use

Concept Multimedia reserves the right to change the General Terms of Use for the “logic-immo.ch” site in any way and at any time. Every internet user connecting to the “logic-immo.ch” site is asked to regularly consult these terms of use so as to be aware of any changes. Repeated use of the site as modifications to these terms of use occur constitutes the acceptance, by each user, of the General Terms of Use in force.

8. Juridiction –Applicable Law

Any disputes which may arise concerning the validity, interpretation, acceptance and execution of these terms, regardless of the place of subscription, or of payment, will be subject to an attempt for mediation by mutual consent which the parties promise to pursue. If such does not occur within a period of three (3) months, the courts of Aix-en-Provence will alone be competent even in cases of the introduction of third parties or of multiple defendants, emergency, protective, or summary proceedings, or those on appeal.

These General Terms are subject to French law, which determines, ad hoc, the law applicable. In the absence of any imperative disposition to the contrary or in the event of an option in the determination of the law applicable, French law will be applied.